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Encouraging Your Loved One to Seek a Solution to Addiction

Posted by on Sep 18, 2016 in addiction and recovery |

Centers for drug rehab are a safe haven for those who struggle with a serious medical condition. They are places to seek professional, clinical help that goes beyond acceptance of the problem. While acknowledgement is a good first step, it’s not a solution to addiction. It would be great if a drug addict could quit by sheer force of will, but that is not usually the case. They need help – from doctors and from you.

Debunking the Stereotype

To give help to someone suffering from addiction, you should have a certain level of sympathy and understanding. That place of understanding begins with a release of judgement.

Addiction doesn’t make someone a criminal or lowlife. Drugs affect millions of Americans every day from every socioeconomic category. Drug addicts don’t have to make shady deals on a street corner. In reality, most don’t. Most of the population that suffers from drug addiction is actually troubled by the misuse of prescription drugs.

According to a 2010 CDC survey, over 2 million Americans reported using prescription painkillers for non-medical reasons at least once, some of them for the first time. That means 5,500 people each day were self-administering prescription drugs without a prescription or doctor’s orders. This is how many addicts begin and why centers for drug rehab are so important. Part of their role is educating the public to make better choices and reduce the risk of addiction.

Acting Right Away

Since 1990, more than 100 people in the US die each day from drug overdose. Parents, siblings, best friends, or colleagues might be struggling alone and in silence because someone was afraid to speak up or thought, “It’s not my business.” It is your business, because you care. If you allow fear to hold you back, you are doing your family member or friend a disservice.

The sooner you address the problem, the sooner a solution to addiction can be found.

Approaching an Addict

Addiction is a disease, not a failure of the will. Make sure the person you are helping knows that they are not to blame, but that they do have the ability to defeat the disease with help from centers for drug rehab. Uplift, strengthen, and offer whatever motivation you can that is specific to the person. If they enter a treatment center, make a plan to visit every week or even plan a special celebration at the end of the rehabilitation process.

If you don’t know what an addict might need to help them find a solution to addiction, ask. Sometimes listening is all it takes for a boost of motivation.

Monitoring Tools To Measure Body Fat With Apps For Palm Pilots

Posted by on Dec 21, 2015 in Medical Technology, weight loss |

Technology has made all means of measurement, tracking and recording easier, faster and conveniently accessible. The advent of tools to measure body fat with apps for palm pilots provides the individual the ultimate device to track his body fat even without the presence of a medical expert. One can no longer excuse himself for not being able to monitor his body fat level.

In today's fast paced way of living, it seems that everything has been accelerated into full speed and installed into various types of devices. Although this personal digital assistant gadget has been in the market for years, the palm pilot has undergone so many face lifts to adapt, keep up and conform. It has to be competitive with the overflowing production and creation of newer and updated versions of downloadable programs to help resolve even health complications regarding body fat, weight problems and sugar levels.

Today, technology goes side by side with health. Palm pilots, laptops and phones are no longer just devices for internet access, data processing, calls, text messaging and so much more. These gadgets are now used for monitoring one's fitness concerns.

WeightMania Mobile application is for palm pilots and palm phones. Users can avail of diet plans, exercise routines, calorie count, nutrition monitoring and overall health conditions including diabetes. Protein, carbohydrate and fat intakes are tracked for accurate, efficient and faster results.

Excess fat in one's body leads to diabetes. There are a lot of programs for palm pilots and phones for such a disease. Glucose One, Logbook DM, Diabetes Pilot, Health Engage Diabetes and UTS Diabetes are just some of the applications one can take advantage of in the prevention, maintenance and improvement of his insulin condition.

Having the wrong diet and a sedentary lifestyle can lead to excessive and harmful body fat content, high blood sugar levels, hypertension and other harmful diseases. However, technology has provided the tools to measure body fat with apps for palm pilots. To win this battle, one must take an inventory of the weapons he has within his reach and at the palm of his hands.

Are There Health Benefits To Taking The 7Keto Supplement?

Posted by on Dec 21, 2015 in weight loss |

Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA, prasterone) steroid molecule, chemical structure. Atoms are represented as spheres with conventional color coding: hydrogen (white), carbon (grey), oxygen (red)

Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA, prasterone) steroid molecule, chemical structure. Atoms are represented as spheres with conventional color coding: hydrogen (white), carbon (grey), oxygen (red)

Many people take supplements for health benefits that range from maintaining weight to counteracting the natural aging process. With so products available, choosing the right one can be a challenge. 7-Keto, or Keto 7, is a supplement that offers multiple benefits, including promoting the production of lean muscle mass, boosting natural energy levels and enhancing memory.

7Keto DHEA is a natural byproduct of a compound called dehydroepiandrosterone, or DHEA, which is a hormone produced by the adrenal glands, brain and skin cells. The body uses DHEA to produce the male sex hormone testosterone and the female sex hormone estrogen. Because 7-Keto does not convert into sex hormones, users do not have to worry about the same side effects associated with supplementing with DHEA. Those side effects include stomach upset, hair loss and acne. Some females who have taken DHEA notice more facial hair growth and a deepening of the voice.

Clinical studies show that the best DHEA supplements promote healthy weight loss by increasing basal metabolic rate, or BMR. They do this by stimulating thermogenic enzymes responsible for regulating metabolism. BMR plays a major role in how efficiently the body is able to metabolize fat  while it is inactive.  When the metabolism rate increases, the body burns calories more quickly so fewer calories are available to convert into fat tissue.

This supplement is superior to others with fat burning properties in multiple ways. For one thing, it does not cause dangerous elevations in blood pressure and heart rate due to overstimulation of the central nervous system. Other supplements require frequent dosing throughout the day to sustain thermogenic activity. 7Keto has a sustained effect on metabolic rate and even promotes fat burning while the body is at rest.

This supplement increases the metabolism of fats, proteins and carbohydrates by accelerating the body's production of ATP. ATP is the energy molecule that allows all cells to function properly.  In the thyroid gland, 7Keto increases levels of the T3 hormone. T3 plays a role in regulating body temperature, heart rate and metabolism.

7Keto's effect on the body's metabolism rate and heat production are the keys to its ability to promote weight loss while enhancing muscle development and lean body mass. What sets it apart from other weight loss supplements is its ability to mimic the body's natural processes for promoting fat loss. As with all dietary supplements, users are urged to consult with a physician about proper dosage and usage.

Fat Loss Measurement Technology In A Mobile Phone

Posted by on Dec 20, 2015 in body fat, counters |

Mobile phones have definitely come a long way since it was first introduced to the modern world. Today, it is no longer just a device for making regular calls and video calls, sending text messages, surfing the net, checking emails, socializing and so on; mobile technology can also be used for newfound purposes such as fat loss measurement! In other words, you can actually use your cell phone to find out whether your exercise routine or diet is paying off or not!

Fat loss measurement technology in a mobile phone definitely plays a pivotal role in diet management on a daily basis. Simply eating right and working out isn't going to do, you need to ensure that you are also keeping a track of your progress. This will tell you whether you need to step up your game or not in order to experience the desired results. Considering the fact that almost everybody today has a smartphone, it is not really difficult to keep track of your progress and the amount of fats you're burning on a daily basis, even while on-the-go.

This new-age solution has changed the whole dieting and staying fit scene. Individuals can conveniently download these free apps with fat loss measurement technology from Windows Store, Google PlayStore or iStore depending upon the type of phone they are using. Some of these apps do more than just display the amount of fats being burned off, they also provide voice prompts in order to help the individual stay motivated and push further during workouts. In fact some of the apps also provides one with a calorie counter to help one stay mindful of how many calories are being ingested into the body on an average.

If you are looking for a change in your eating and working out habits then the fat loss measurement technology is definitely a must-try. Any user can benefit immensely from this technology. In fact, these apps are so user-friendly that even individuals who are not tech-savvy would be able to figure out intuitively how to use it. Thus, these apps act as your personal health and fitness coach since they are with you all the time, providing you with guidance and useful facts which would help you achieve your health and fitness goals!

Life And Weight Loss Diet And Tablet Devices To Help Track Calories

Posted by on Dec 19, 2015 in counters, weight loss |

Weight Loss Diet And Tablet DevicesIt can be seen as ironic that despite all the diseases the human population is contracting because of technology, it is technology itself that now offers tracking systems for the individual's health monitoring. Teaming up for the betterment of a user's well-being are weight loss diet and tablet devices that help track calories.

This innovative method of merging health and technology enables individuals to lose weight while doing something they enjoy through a computer software.  This approach will definitely lead to positive results. Nowadays, laptops, tablets and smart phones are leading the population to a new mode to quality of life and excellent living.

There are programs installed in tablets that are indeed inspiring a lot of individuals to get into shape. With a calorie counter, one can keep record of the calories contained of every food item he eats in each meal. This application also informs the user of the recommended amount of calories he needs daily, matching his present weight and warns him if he has reached his limit.

Along with calorie recording, one is also given models, videos and recommended exercises that will aid in his quest for health. Along with a truly nutritious meal plan, mobility procedures through body movements are provided. It has been common knowledge that diet alone cannot see one through fitness. However, eating right coupled with physical activities like isometrics, body building and simple workout routines will deliver the desired result in a faster and healthier pace.

Food diaries and meal trackers are two of the techniques used to lose unwanted fats that cause sickness. Regular body workout must never be factored out in the acquisition of total fitness. All these things done together will definitely bring forth the person's healthy general physical condition to a maximized state.

Technology runs the world. It is almost unthinkable to get through a day without the wonders of a tablet, a laptop and a portable phone. So with the need to resolve health issues of the present generation, weight loss diet and tablet devices to help track calories have been combined for the advantage of those who are just too attached to their gadgets and the magic of computer tools. Technology and health fusion is the modern way to live a full life.

Medical technology in the future

Posted by on Dec 7, 2015 in Medical Technology |

Due to the rapid progress in medical technology, it is difficult to put in catalog all the devices that are currently in use, so this list gives only the most widely used of them in this huge Starfleet:

Hypo spray is simple and efficient method of intravenous introduction of substances in the patient's body. Hypo spray has several advantages over conventional injection with a needle and syringe. The skin does not break down, so there is no possibility of contamination by using it. The device can be used many times without the need for sterilization. Also, is completely painless.


Bio bed is hospital bed is one of the most important things in any medical facility, because it is the place where the patient will spend the most time. Previous beds were simply the place where the patient will rest comfortably. As technology has progressed in terms of hospital beds it was only a matter of time before we will be able to some routine medical operations incorporate the bed itself, which led to the early version of the device later called bio bed. Nowadays this product is designed to enable medical staff a wide range of basic information about the patient. The built-in sensor systems provide the possibility of permanent monitoring of such factors as breathing, temperature and so on. They are all the time displayed on the screen located above the head of the patient, which displays the information in the clearest and most easily accessible manner. In support of the visual presentation of data, these beds can have audio subsystem for presentation of information. Using them means that every hospital bed is
equivalent, and indeed it is far more superior than performance called Intensive care used in the past century.

The laser scalpel is one of the simplest instruments used in modern medicine. This device uses a laser beam instead of metal blades to perform cutting operations on a patient. This allows a greater degree of control over the incisions, and due to the elimination of the physical contact of the instrument from the patient and reduces the risk of transmitting infections.222

Cortical stimulation is a small device that is used for generating a patient activity of the cortex. It is usually
connected to the skull of the patient, and is used with a reduced brain activity or brain waves damaged samples.

Physic stimulator is a system designed for the sake of inducing metabolic functions in the injured individual. It usually came in the form of a small, handheld device. In 2267 Dr. McCoy used it to pull Captain Kirk out of deep coma, induced to trick the Romulans as the dead. Regenerator held device used to heal minor injuries to the skin. Conditioner can be used to close a cut, wound care given knives and the like. In 2369 one such healed a stab wound to the Captain Jean­Luc Picard. Neural caliper a small device used to trigger the unconscious state of the patient. It is commonly used in the preparation of the patient for surgery.

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